Mission, Vision & Core Values at JB Engineers

Before the three Jung Bros. set out on our entrepreneurial dream to own our own company, we knew we had to put the work in to define our company Mission, Vision and Core Values. These principals would define the type of organization we wanted to be and help guide our decision-making. They would help us hire the right people, while unifying our team and holding us all to higher standards.

We knew the JBE leadership team Must Be:

  • Committed to drafting and implementing values
  • Willing to brainstorm and compromise
  • Able to demonstrate the determined traits themselves
  • Agree that these will be the foundation for the team going forward

After hours of meetings and months of deliberations and editing, we were able to define who we were before we conducted our first slump test or proctor. Here they are:

Mission Statement
Our mission is to exceed client expectations by providing safe, quality geotechnical, materials, and environmental engineering solutions, while bettering our community and environment always operating with unquestioned integrity.

Vision Statement
Our vision is to provide the best service to our clients while safely promoting personal, professional, and community growth.

Core Values

  • Safety is #1
  • Integrity…Always!
  • Quality…Excellent Product with Value
  • Helping others…People and our Community

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