Helping Others: People & Our Community 

Our mission is to exceed client expectations by providing safe, quality geotechnical solutions while bettering our community and environment and always operating with unquestioned integrity.

Our vision is to provide the best service for our clients while safely promoting personal, professional, and community growth.

JB Engineers is a proud member of the Cheyenne business community!

Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce

Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce seal logo

The local chamber of commerce is a network or association of business organizations that promote and protect the members’ interests. As the geotechnical engineering specialists in the Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce, local businesses know who they can trust for geotechnical engineering and testing in Wyoming. Our team of professional engineers is deeply connected to the community through this valuable resource. In addition to being used by many of these companies, we also know who to trust in the region. If you need a local business connection, talk to us about the people we count on.

Cheyenne Leads: The Cheyenne-Laramie County Corporation for Economic Development

Cheyenne Leads The Cheyenne-Laramie County Corporation for Economic Development decal logo

Cheyenne LEADS is a non-profit that serves Laramie County and the City of Cheyenne. It is funded by the businesses that are members, such as JB Engineers. As the company providing geotechnical engineering services in Wyoming, JB Engineers has become a trusted resource in the group. Many others in this organization have also consulted us regarding construction materials testing, allowing us to serve the Cheyenne area further.

Associated General Contractors of Wyoming

Associated General Contractors of Wyoming Seal logo

We are connected with the Associated General Contractors of Wyoming because many in this organization build or design structures. Instead of having these members searching and vetting engineering firms nearest them, they have a reliable resource to count on with JB Engineers. From soil testing to geotechnical engineering services in Wyoming, we provide these contractors with the valuable services that help them do their jobs right. Because of this connection, we have built partnerships with some of the best contractors in the region, offering valuable referrals to our clients. After your materials testing and inspection, we can help you connect with other trustworthy businesses to complete your project.

Wyoming Airports Coalition

JB Engineers has joined the Wyoming Airports Coalition (WAC). The coalition has represented the interests of Wyoming’s airports and airport operators to commercial, state and federal agencies since 1976.

Wyoming aviation is important to us! Adam is a pilot. Jared has been an engineer in this industry for over 20 years and can say without a doubt that the highlight of his career has been working with great airport teams to better America’s transportation infrastructure. He has played a role in over 50 airport construction projects in the Rocky Mountain Region. It is exciting for all of us to be a part of something that is so important to our communities and country.

WAC gives JB Engineers a place to exchange ideas and best practices. We can connect with other members, keep up with the latest news and legislation, and get priority registration and sponsorships at future conferences. And our number one core value is Safety and WAC ensures safety in the development of airport facilities and in the implementation of operating procedures. They’ve played a key role in influencing positive outcomes on a number of issues affecting airports throughout the state. JB Engineers can get on board with that!

Concrete Association of Wyoming

As members of Concrete Association of Wyoming (CAW), we support the promotion, education, safety and ethical procedures in the conduct of the concrete business. JB Engineers provides testing services that confirm the integrity of construction materials, which aligns closely with the CAW’s mission.

The purpose of the Concrete Association of Wyoming shall be to provide an organization through which its members can coordinate their efforts to advance the general welfare, image and common concerns for the successful operation of their businesses; to encourage sound business regulations and ethical procedures in the conduct of the concrete business; to encourage efficiency and provide a vehicle to advance, protect and further the interests of its membership as provided by the laws of the State of Wyoming.

Colorado Ready Mix Concrete Association

Through our membership, we want our team trained to the latest regulations of the concrete industry. In partnership with the American Concrete Institute (ACI), the Colorado Ready Mixed Concrete Association (CRMCA) administers ACI Certifications, of which JB Engineers utilizes to keep our technicians and staff up-to-date and knowledgable.

The CRMCA brings together industry leaders through our work in the governmental, promotional, compliance, and concrete certification fields. Just as concrete becomes a versatile building material with many components, CRMCA unites the ready mixed concrete industry by bringing together experienced industry experts, other construction material associations, and regulatory and elected officials to create a strong, cohesive association.

Why JB Engineers Promotes Personal, Professional, and Community Growth in Wyoming

Cheyenne and Casper are unique communities filled with people proud of Wyoming. It’s essential for us to all come together and promote growth in our beloved region. We want our local Cheyenne and Casper communities to continue flourishing and growing sustainably. JB Engineers isn’t just committed to providing geotechnical investigation services, but we do it in a way that doesn’t hurt our environment. Our environmental engineering services ensure that our clients receive the very best. From our geotechnical engineering soil tests to materials testing, we always put our community first because we love Wyoming and live here just like you.

Why Should You Get Involved with Your Local Community?

It’s vital to do business with small companies in your local community. JB Engineers works with local businesses whenever possible to help promote growth, and we encourage you to do the same. Instead of choosing larger industrial partners, opt to go with the smaller, family-owned organizations and invest in your community. Just like you want to be supported in your community, these businesses need your help too. Partner with JB Engineers and other local businesses to make our local Cheyenne community one to be proud of.