When you need geotechnical testing services, you want more than just another impersonal company. At JB Engineers, we aren’t just family-owned. We are a small business who understands dedication and commitment to our customers. With our 35 combined years of business and engineering experience, you can count on us for quality materials testing and inspection. Plus, you gain a committed business relationship with our team.


About JB Engineers, Geotechnical Engineering Firm

JB Engineers provides an extensive range of geotechnical engineering services in Wyoming, Western Nebraska, and Northern Colorado. Our engineering experts provide subsurface exploration, soil testing in Wyoming and Colorado, and geotechnical investigation services, such as concrete or asphalt testing. Whatever environmental engineering services you require, we are the team you want on your side. 

Engineering & Material Testing Services

If you are a contractor, engineer, or property owner, you want to ensure that the materials you use for construction comply with your product specifications. To guarantee the infrastructure is going to perform long-term, you want superior geotechnical engineering and testing services.

As your trusted partner, we provide top-notch testing to reduce deterioration, avoid failure, and evaluate materials that work for your application. Our local resources and knowledge of the terrain allow us to respond to the ever-changing construction climate and create innovative solutions for our clients. Contact us for geotechnical engineering services that make a difference in Wyoming, Nebraska, and Colorado.

Construction Materials Testing

JB Engineers provides testing services that confirm the integrity of your construction materials. Our trained technicians and engineers have the education and experience needed to provide optimal construction materials testing for any application in the greater Cheyenne, Fort Collins, or Scottsbluff area. We ensure the construction materials conform to your product specifications and help you avoid potential dangers. With our involvement, you prevent any deviations that might affect the design or quality of your project.

Geotechnical Engineering

JB Engineers provides geotechnical services that are accurate and responsive, thanks to our state-of-the-art practice techniques and testing procedures. We investigate, analyze, and help you develop engineering recommendations for your simple subsurface concerns to your extensive, complicated design issues. With our combined experience, we can assist in a range of projects in the transportation sector or commercial developments. Our engineering firm has the in-house capability to perform every part of the fieldwork, geotechnical engineering soil tests, rock analysis, and laboratory testing.

Environmental Engineering

JB Engineers is the leader in environmental engineering services in Cheyenne, WY. We provide groundwater monitoring, groundwater sampling, water well installation services, and Phase I/Phase II environmental site assessments. In some conditions, we also offer asbestos sampling for your protection.

Laboratory Materials Testing

Before you use any specific material with your next project, you want to confirm that it will hold up for your application. JB Engineers has the laboratory testing experience to provide chemical analysis, failure analysis, corrosion testing, and fatigue testing. Further, we offer fracture reports, material characterization, non-destructive testing, mechanical testing, and positive material identification. Instead of searching “Concrete testing near me,” trust JB Engineers to get the job done right.

Soil Borings

JB Engineers conduct test borings to perform a visual classification of the soils to get your location’s subsurface profile. The soil parameters are obtained through various testing methods with several types of boring, such as auger borings, ledge probes, and direct push borings. By understanding the surface you are working with, you can choose the best materials for your project.


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