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Geotechnical engineering services in Colorado, Wyoming, and Nebraska don’t need to be more complicated than they already are. With JB Engineers’ help, you can avoid searching online for “Geotechnical engineer near me” and gain direct access to our team of experts. For all your geotechnical engineering and testing services, such as materials testing and inspection, or soil testing in Colorado and Wyoming, trust the professionals.

We are committed to exceeding client expectations by providing safe, quality geotechnical solutions while bettering our community and environment; always operating with unquestioned integrity.

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Construction Materials Engineering & Testing

JB Engineers offers testing and geotechnical investigation services that confirm the quality of the materials used in your construction project. We have experience working on projects throughout Wyoming, Northern Colorado, and Western Nebraska. Our trained geotechnical and environmental engineers are thoroughly educated to provide proper documentation and guidance that supply you with the best possible outcome. We guarantee the workmanship and materials comply with your project specifications.

Geotechnical Engineering Solutions & Procedures

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JB Engineers provides geotechnical engineering services through state-of-the-art techniques and with highly-sophisticated equipment to investigate, analyze, and develop the best recommendations for your subsurface exploration issues. Our solutions work just as well for simple projects all the way to the most complicated design projects. With our in-house capabilities, we can perform every aspect of the fieldwork, design analysis, and laboratory testing of the soil or rock. Our environmental engineering services reach beyond many other providers’ scope for a comprehensive package your business deserves.

Environmental Engineering Services & Assessments

JB Engineers provides environmental engineering services and geotechnical engineering soil tests that include water well installation, groundwater monitoring, and groundwater sampling. We even offer both Phase I and Phase II environmental site assessments for a complete analysis. With our asbestos sampling, you gain all the information you need to move forward with your project.

Laboratory Testing & Soil Borings

Geotechnical testing services are only as good as the laboratory testing provided. Our high-tech facility provides the construction materials testing information you need to make sound decisions. We want your materials to hold up for your intended application, which is why we provide complete chemical analysis, fatigue testing, corrosion testing, and failure analysis. From the start, you know what to expect with our fracture reports, non-destructive testing, positive material classification, mechanical testing, and material identification. JB Engineers also provides soil borings for a visual classification of the subsurface profile. We perform direct push borings, ledge probes, and auger borings for the best results.

Why is Geotechnical Engineering & Soil, Concrete, Asphalt Testing So Important in Wyoming, Colorado & Nebraska?

Geotechnical engineering is often overlooked, to the detriment of the building in the future. However, by performing some simple tests in Colorado, Wyoming, and Nebraska before construction, you alleviate many issues that will cost you money in the long run. Studying geological material at the construction site allows your design to be stable and secure well into the future. These simple studies prevent settling, cracking, and deformities. With JB Engineers, you can rest assured that the structure won’t fall because of foundation failure. Don’t deal with leaning buildings anymore. Contact our expert team of geotechnical engineers for support. We are prepared to help you start your small or extensive construction project on the right surface with the appropriate materials.