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Get your Drone on!

We’re thrilled to announce that JB Engineers now offer aerial video & photography services in Wyoming, Colorado & Nebraska. Document, track and monitor your construction or real estate project from start to finish. Level up your next project with premium aerial video and photos captured by our experienced FAA licensed pilot & photographer.

Contact us to provide construction site monitoring to track progress, collect valuable data and showcase your completed work; marketing imagery of your location, products and special events; residential and commercial real estate photography to sell your listings faster; and inspection services for rooftops, storage tanks, cell and radio towers, and bridges.

Reach out today to learn how we can enhance your next project with aerial video & photography by JB Engineers.

New Member at Wyoming Airports Coalition

JB Engineers recently joined the Wyoming Airports Coalition (WAC). The coalition has represented the interests of Wyoming’s airports and airport operators to commercial, state and federal agencies since 1976.

Wyoming aviation is important to us! Adam is a professional pilot, and Jared has been an engineer in this industry for over 20 years and can say without a doubt that the highlight of his career has been working with great airport teams to better America’s transportation infrastructure. He has played a role in over 50 airport construction projects in the Rocky Mountain Region. It is exciting for all of us to be a part of something that is so important to our communities and country.

WAC gives JB Engineers a place to exchange ideas and best practices. We can connect with other members, keep up with the latest news and legislation, and get priority registration and sponsorships at future conferences. And our number one core value is Safety and WAC ensures safety in the development of airport facilities and in the implementation of operating procedures. They’ve played a key role in influencing positive outcomes on a number of issues affecting airports throughout the state. JB Engineers can get on board with that!

We look forward to attending the annual conference in Casper, WY on September 8-10, 2021. Connect with us there! For more information on WAC, please visit their website at

Mission, Vision & Core Values at JB Engineers

Before the three Jung Bros. set out on our entrepreneurial dream to own our own company, we knew we had to put the work in to define our company Mission, Vision and Core Values. These principals would define the type of organization we wanted to be and help guide our decision-making. They would help us hire the right people, while unifying our team and holding us all to higher standards.

We knew the JBE leadership team Must Be:

  • Committed to drafting and implementing values
  • Willing to brainstorm and compromise
  • Able to demonstrate the determined traits themselves
  • Agree that these will be the foundation for the team going forward

After hours of meetings and months of deliberations and editing, we were able to define who we were before we conducted our first slump test or proctor. Here they are:

Mission Statement
Our mission is to exceed client expectations by providing safe, quality geotechnical, materials, and environmental engineering solutions, while bettering our community and environment always operating with unquestioned integrity.

Vision Statement
Our vision is to provide the best service to our clients while safely promoting personal, professional, and community growth.

Core Values

  • Safety is #1
  • Integrity…Always!
  • Quality…Excellent Product with Value
  • Helping others…People and our Community

Let us know how we can help you today. Contact us here.

Kind of a Big Deal: JB Engineers Gains AASHTO Accreditation

We are excited to announce that our laboratory has received AASHTO Accreditation for R18, C1077 (Aggregate), D3666 (Aggregate/Asphalt), E329 (Aggregate/Asphalt), and D3740 (Soil)! It was a productive and successful review and we’re absolutely thrilled with this designation.

The primary vision of AASHTO is to be the center for promoting quality and achievement of excellence in construction materials testing (CMT). They provide services and tools through our three major programs: the Laboratory Assessment Program (LAP), the Proficiency Sample Program (PSP), and the AASHTO Accreditation Program (AAP). Through these activities, they evaluate testing competency, promote continual improvement, and instill confidence in the laboratories and specifiers that use our programs. 

Look us up for any Geotech or Construction Materials Testing needs today!

Open House a Success

Last week, we had the chance to host our official Open House and Ribbon Cutting at JB Engineers HQ in Cheyenne, WY. In partnership with the Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce and the local Cheyenne area business community, the team showcased our accredited Materials Testing Laboratory and Geotechnical Engineering capabilities. 

As your trusted partner, we wanted to invite the community into our house to show you who are and how we operate. The level of support and turnout at the event was simply awesome. We even got to cut the red ribbon with giant scissors… a symbolic launch of a Wyoming company!

We teamed with Chef Kent at Fuel Café to highlight fun earthwork-themed foods, including an amazing engineering charcuterie board complete with graham cracker sand and dirt brownies! It was a great way to meet leaders in the Cheyenne community and show the community what we do. Thank you for all who attended and we look forward to doing business with you in the future!

Contact us for construction materials testing and geotechnical engineering services that make a difference in Wyoming, Nebraska, and Colorado.

Three Wyoming Brothers Launch Engineering Firm in Cheyenne, WY

JB Engineers provides a broad range of geotechnical engineering expertise services; subsurface exploration; and soil, concrete and asphalt testing to assist clients across Wyoming, western Nebraska and northern Colorado.

October 1, 2020 – CHEYENNE, Wyoming – Three brothers originally from Torrington have teamed up to start a new business headquartered in Cheyenne, Wyoming. After exploring separate careers across the nation, Jared J. Jung, Adam J.E. Jung and Mathias Jung have returned to their Wyoming roots to form JB Engineers.

“We have been talking about starting our own engineering company for the last 10 years. Why not start during a global pandemic?” said Jared Jung, senior engineer and company CEO. “We will have the most sophisticated lab in Wyoming and look forward to serving the Cowboy State and the greater Rocky Mountain region.”

JB Engineers is the culmination of more than 50 years of business acumen, engineering experience and industry relationships. Jared Jung has been a licensed professional engineer in Wyoming for the last 14 years. Adam Jung recently retired from the Air Force after a distinguished career of 21 years, and Mathias Jung has owned a successful international marketing firm in Cheyenne for nearly 10 years. The brothers are proud of their Wyoming values, and they look forward to being involved in the community and contributing to the betterment of the state.

JB Engineers provides a broad range of geotechnical engineering services and subsurface exploration, along with soil, concrete and asphalt testing to assist clients across Wyoming, western Nebraska and northern Colorado. Through assessment of subsurface conditions and application of sound geotechnical engineering expertise principles, the firm provides clients practical and cost-effective solutions. 

JB Engineers is devoted to providing quality professional engineering and testing services for consulting engineering firms, architects, contractors, planners, developers, and the engineering staffs of industries and government agencies. JB Engineers understands that a solid reputation is everything. Founded on the principles of service, integrity and excellence, JB Engineers provides quality support services to design professionals involved in various construction, rehabilitation and remediation projects. 

An official ribbon-cutting is scheduled at the JB Engineers headquarters (205 County Road 128A, Suite 400 in Cheyenne) at 4 p.m. Dec. 3, 2020. Business leaders across Cheyenne are invited to attend for lab tours, service demonstrations and refreshments. JB Engineers can be found across their newly launched website and social media channels.


The three brothers who founded JB Engineers: Adam Jung (left), Jared Jung (middle), Mathias Jung (right)

The New Guys in Town!

JB Engineers is a new geotechnical engineering firm based in Cheyenne, WY and founded by three brothers; Jared, Adam and Mathias. Jared is a professional engineer with 20 years experience serving the Rocky Mountain region. Adam is a retired 21-year United States Air Force veteran and civil engineer. Mathias is a business owner with 15 years experience.

Together they form JB Engineers.

JB Engineers provides a broad range of geotechnical engineering expertise services; subsurface exploration; and soil, concrete and asphalt testing to assist clients across Wyoming, western Nebraska and northern Colorado.

We’re excited to serve you! Contact us today!